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About Me

About me

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Muradiye Sancak – Makeup Artist

I am Muradiye Sancak A.K.A Mulka. I was born in Turkey but roots from Bosnia. I am the oldest child of parent out 4 other siblings. I am married, I have a daughter and a son. I really enjoy spending time with them.
I have started my life in Poland in 2011, as I am far away from my home country, my time had to be more efficient and joyful, so I have started my new hobby! “Makeup”. After all, it turns out to be very joyful for me. I started to go course to be able to make more professional. I have already several certificates, and my aim to create better and better works. I want to share with you all the steps of my career. You can follow me on Social media, or contact me on my webpage.
Thank you!
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